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Zany, skilled eco-constructor, looking for EUROPEAN project, from this autumn on

by Trev Miller
Community Seekers
(southern) EUROPE

Hi from a…

Zany,  55% male,  multi-skilled 63-year-young eco-techno-arty constructor,  looking for a EUROPEAN project and base from this autumn on….

Omnivorous, sensitive, no-factory-food healthy-eater, non-smoker, un-sulphited wine (-maker).

Self sufficient with self-built solar motorhome; rugged eBike for transport. Appreciate relaxed work and play mates as well as quiet and nature. Sing and play keyboard, therapeutic skills.

I designed the project in the picture for a bio farm, and supervised a group of volunteers to help build it.

Some spanish, french, german, portuguese (brasileiro) in order of usefulness.

I need skilled, contracted projects as well as communal obligations, as no capital or benefits. Don’t do F*book but have unique website with lots more info: