You too? Join or start a community in the Kootenays, BC.

by Leftychrist
Community Seekers
Kootenays, BC

Due to world changes and the political climate, we have our heart set on moving into the Kootenays. Not a new goal, but we hear there are more people thinking the same lately, so let’s connect!

About us:
We are mature, knowledgable, wicked funny bawlers who slay with a quiet side eye and one word. Diverse number of skills because we overcommit to learning.  Not afraid to get dirty and do the hard work, although we prefer our brains do the heavy lifting. Rarely imbibe. Overeducated codes switchers, my husband and I bond over cross cultural profanity.

I am a cis female INTJ Anglo American.
Husband is a cis male INTP Cajun American.
Small family who lived in co-housing in the past and prefer it.
Former foster parents – adopted twins. We maintain a cooperative relationship with the bio family.
Children i.d. as neurodiverse and queer.

Employ two professional caregivers and case manage an in-home therapeutic setting.
Raise dual purpose heritage ducks, geese and pedigree Giant Angora Rabbits.
Pets: two Bouvier De Flanders, one cat and a fish named Martin.

Brought up in evangelical tradition but non-religious: cautious when considering the benefits of spiritual practices.
Boundaries are very important to us, but we also recognize sometimes people need a little compassion and encouragement when setting up and keeping boundaries.

My husband is a computer scientist working remotely, and I am an artist and pragmatist: tolerant of risk and conflict that leads towards transformation.
My husband and I tend to be the people others turn to at their greatest moment of need. We have a gift for assisting people through their own transitions and reinventions.

At this moment, we need to stay focused on launching our twins into adulthood over the next two years.
Afterwards, we hope to take a break for ourselves, then resume active support roles within our chosen community.

If you are looking for us, then we are looking for you!
Hope to hear from you soon.