Working Partner Opportunity. Free Permaculture Training

by redraz
Forming Communities

Gotta Garden?   Food First?

Free Permaculture training !

It takes a Village to Farm.

What’s so hard about Farming?  Everything comes before You, Animals, seedlings, impending weather prep. Everything the industrial machine protects you from.

Gardening is a Fun, rewarding Group Sport. Every day is different. Can you hang in  from seed to fruit, nurturing daily, bringing into the Kitchen, sorting, serving, selling, seed saving?  When your self employed, you quit when it’s done, not at the whistle. When the weather changes, we change.

Kitchen is a Crucible

Large, Established Organic farm invites members to join in year round gardening for market and farm guests. Diverse farmscape, many established plantings of fruits, nuts and medicinal plant production. Lots of tools, tractors, buildings. Private, not too remote, one hr to town w shops/ culture.

Plan on staying on farm. Outside paying work is not a plan. Many streams of income here. Va zone 7 has warm days, cool nights. Winter Sun has your hat and gloves off by 10am. Cold days are great in any of many hoop houses. Lots of on farm water, river, water body, irrigation systems,  Yes ! Rain.! Owners/operators are grunt workers without gov subsidy or trust fund. We have everything but more hours in the day.

Now: Oct/Nov

Putting up more hoop houses, Garlic planting ! planting winter greens and garlic, rehabbing buildings for paying guests and ourselves. Daily careing and handling of goats and milk, pigs, rabbits, harvesting Ash trees as we witness their extinction. Processing farm products for value added. Prep and pack for Farmers Mkts. Clearing roads of brush. Gleaning wine grapes and chestnuts.

Spring prep begins now, pruning, mulching, manuring fruits and nuts, equipment repair, fencing, perennial plant care, nursery stock. cord wood and installing wood stoves, (7 stoves already working) harvesting hardwood for mushroom inoculation.

Nothing heavy, just steady attention, excitement for detail and Giving a Damn, like your future depends on it. More secure then city life.

We only ask for your participation. No monies, no tenancy till trial stay. We offer utilities, staple foods, chevre, yogurt, shop and tools, working kitchen, basic shelter. yes internet, only verizon phone reception, required as walky-talky. All Organic food with everyones Health in mind.

Come with savings to carry you for a few months before your efforts bear fruit. Many profitable products born from here. If you need privacy bring a van or rv. Profits shared over time as what you plant comes to mkt. Is that whats so hard about farming ? Time?

Want to start a conversation ?

Tell us about yourself. Why Farm?  Who have you fed & cared for? cook from scratch? Are you a do it your selfer? repourposer ?

This is a place to join others helping others, feeding each other for Exponential results. Gardeners produce something, the rest of the world sells time, buys low. sells high. Food makes a rickety Table a Feast.

This is not a place to run away from yr life or rely on guns…

Communication is Everything.

Please reply with a story  that represents yourself, can you chill in the Country? car? pets? experiences? limitations? obligations? deal breakers?  time lines? where are you now? Savings? Age? references?  Rx? SSI? Community experiences?  What have you nurtured into maturation? Sorry, we can’t extend invite to minors at this time. Yes, we can accommodate many who can work together and have fun.

You know more about us then we about you.  Answers to questions will  be posted here as updates will be ness.

Let’s create a Village in these Auspicious times. Sharing Food is our Extinction Rebellion ! We are inspired by the Questions of Joanna Macy, How can we be useful in the Great Unraveling?

Thanks for you Interest, Looking forward to our dialog