Want to create a commune?

by Raven
Forming Communities
New England, USA

I am looking for brave adventurous humans with community experience.

Goal: Creating an income-sharing community in New England* that could become a part of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.

Vision: An egalitarian, ecological commune of people who care about social justice, social change, and each other.  Location, mission, size, etc, to be determined collectively.

About me:  Seventy year old white cis man with lots of community experience, including years of living in co-ops, communes, and other types of community.  I helped start two (short-lived) income-sharing communities (and helped with attempts to create other communities of various types–a few of which were successful).  I also manage the Commune Life blog and Facebook feed

Interested?  You must have at least a year of experience in some kind of intentional community (that could be a co-op/collective house or an ecovillage or some kind of commune or some other type of community), have good references, and be willing to endure the chaos of a forming commune.

If this seems at all interesting to you, please contact me.

*I want it to be somewhere in New England where there is reasonably direct bus or train service to the Boston area.  I would also consider NYC or Albany.