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Vision Keeper

by Nina Landucci
Cohousing Openings + Real Estate
Gulf Islands

Vegan co-operative hub. We are also a vegan superfoods company that has a vegan restaurant  chain that is rapidly expanding. Some of our centres are off-the-grid and some are not.

If you are vegan and creative with a strong commitment to ethics and diversity we may have a wonderful place for you.

Currently we have openings for those wishing to buy-in to the co-op on the west coast on the gulf islands and other beautiful locations.

You will be a part of forming the community within what that projects goals are which will not change.

There is no space for anyone not committed to ethics and the vegan lifestyle.

Searching for your vegan paradise?


This could certainly be it.

A tiny house community with community life aspects and guiding principles of honouring all life as sacred.

We accept all sexual orientations including non-sexual and all races and religious backgrounds.

We have years of experience living in ashrams and very high functioning communities and look forwards to sharing our wisdom and vision with others who wish to live peacefully in deep communication with nature.

Fruit trees – and mushroom farming and food forests and little ponds and vegan activism and workshops to enjoy. You will need to take part a day a week in the community care of building paradise.

Practical and honourable living that truly and purely celebrates diversity…honouring both togetherness and time alone.

Give us a call !

1 888 444 9340

or email

[email protected]


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