Tiny Flowers Vegan Dharma Ctr.

by michael monahan
Forming Communities
Alachua County. Fl.

I am forming a 501c3 Vegan community and am seeking Committed Vegans interested in joining. Seeking professionals with experience in meditation, yoga, healing, organic gardening/farming, business, etc. We will practice, promote, and teach the philosophy of Ahimsa, i.e., non violence in thought word and deed, living a “Cruelty Free” lifestyle. practicing Taoist/Solipsist philosophy.  Serious VEGANS ONLY need respond.  Phone Michael @ 352 514 3932  Between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM  EST  Email- [email protected]  Facebook Pg. Michael Monahan-Reich.  A.K.A.  HuliTzu.