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The Church Of The Enlightened

by ArkofTruth
Community Forming

The God Kingdom of Troy a church where aspirants learn the path to physical enlightenment, walk the path, and continue their path on to immortality and eventual ascension.  Aspirants can walk the path and once they do, as in develop and demonstrate a halo, they can apply to become a member of the church.

TGKOT’s website is membership-based where there are about 40 articles (2 books worth) that teach and explain the meaning of life, how and why god created the universe, the purpose of life on a planet, where every problem on earth originated and how it manifested, why the world is evil and self-destructive, how to solve every problem on earth, how to remove the cause of death from your soul, how to become immortal, and more. I call these writings, The TOL Writings. All of this knowledge is necessary to understand what you need to walk the path to becoming enlightened. Those with access may submit feedback and ask clarifying questions about content in The TOL Writings in order to improve them and for new writings for the benefit of all. It’s a form of online mentorship.

The minimum donation required to access what I call The TOL Writings (TOL – Truth of Life) supports the mission of the church which is to work to demonstrate enlightenment and immortality and the creation of the physical church land, like a city, that enlightened members have access to. The purpose of this land is to run the church and walk the path from enlightenment to immortality.

In 2007 I witnessed an apparition of Jesus who did with me what he did with his followers 2000 years ago, which was to give me sight of the source of the truth of life, to be able to see that the word of god is the universe, the planet, life, and our physical bodies. Jesus said in Matthew23:10, “Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Messiah.” The Messiah (capitalized) is the universe (Uni-One, Verse-Voice = The One Voice Of God), not a prophet. This ‘word’ or information is The Messiah, and when one is shown how this works it’s called giving sight to the blind.

The return of Christ or The Messiah happens when people open their eyes to see this colossal truth. A person who reveals these truths in the universe is called a messiah, an anointed one, one who was guided by those in the kingdom of god in the heavens to discover this truth and pass it on to others and once engaged, salvation happens. The founder of this church is such a person. The TOL Writings help to open people’s eyes to see how God teaches through creation like this. Access to these writings is your first step on the path to becoming physically enlightened. Those of you who would like to begin this journey, please visit my church’s website…