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Sustainable Creative Community

by Therese J Thomas
Community Forming
Happy Camp California

Beautiful passive solar home on on 2 acres with established mature fruit and nut orchard. Grape vineyards and space for gardens. Located on the bank of the mighty Klamath River in NORCAL which boasts world class fishing and is headquarters to new 49ers gold mining organization. Bird estuary and four seasons. Seeking to increase permaculture and GOOD culture. This sacred land has all the bones and infrastructure…all we need to do is inspire and perspire. Members must have own source of income. Goal is to make this reasonable and affordable for ALL. Currently, I live on social security. Rental costs will be determined by number of members. Contracts with first and last mos. rent required. Ground floor opportunity with limitless possibilities. I am a 60 y.o retired registered nurse who is interested in alternative healing modalities and sustainable living. I have been renting here for 4 years and have just entered into a purchase agreement. My vision is to build a Yurt that will serve as a spiritual library and tea room. This yurt will also be a space for yoga and other classes as well as personal and collective retreats. We hope to become non profit and to be eligible for community grants. The house was built in ’82 by a designer/builder who also was an engineer for the forest service. The daylight basement is built in a berm so it is cool there year round. The sunny southern exposure makes it ideal to convert to solar energy and off grid living. By being close to the river we could establish irrigation to gardens by utilizing pumps. There is also a cistern on the property that could be restored. Happy Camp is a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere. Logging was a booming industry at one time yet,now this town continues to exist by the Karuk tribe,forest service, and summer recreation. There are limited paying jobs in this area. One could have hire able skills such as in home health support or carpentry. The Stage bus line in Siskiyou co. is hiring a driver for the Happy Camp line. 2 days week. There is also a local farmers’ market.(seasonal) The Karuk tribe and Rain Rock Casino also hire occasionally. There is a post office, market, and pizza  place in town with little else for entertainment. We do however have very good high speed internet and clear verizon phone services. Happy Camp has a Karuk tribal clinic in town with dentist available to all and a pharmacy. Bigger cities 2-3 hours away. Yreka.CA, Ashland/Medford,OR.

We have an airport and air ambulance in case a person required serious medical attention.

We have two dogs and a horse and hope to get chickens next spring.

Skills desired of applicants. A kind attitude and cooperation. also…  carpentry,gardening,canning,cooking,horsemanship,art, music,mechanical, creative healers ,grant writers,etc. My goal is to have community members here on grounds OCTOBER 1st. I am conducting inquiries with  open house (free scheduled visits throughout August and September)

Please inquire. Therese call/text 530-739-8949 more pictures to come. Please tell me about yourself and your intentions and let me know if you have vehicles and pets . LOVE