Support our Movement – Pledge $2 to see Ecovillages Thrive

by Whole Systems Network
Forming Communities
Asheville, NC

Our Project Mission

We are creating a community space that:

-> Is a revenue stream for our ecovillage

-> Is a coworking and event space serving the local town

-> Will be built with ecofriendly materials including hempcrete spray

Imagine a business that allows an ecovillage to thrive. It will create employment opportunities for the resident members while creating a social hub for the local town.  Every dollar towards the project will support families and local resilience.

Who are we? 

  • Co-Founders of Whole Systems Network
  • Eco-Event Producers
  • Part of the Global Ecovillage Network
  • Ecovillage Builders and Collaborators
  • Learn more about us here

We are putting the call out to support our cause. The more people that pledge a $2 minimum to show your support for our cause to investors and other potential partners.