Space for a Detroit Community: You pick the theme!

by Greg Ferrar
Forming Communities
Detroit, MI

I am a long-time supporter and resident of intentional communities, and I own two side-by-side houses in the Detroit area, in East English Village. One of the houses was home to an intentional community about a year ago, which dissolved around the time of COVID. As a long-time lover of intentional community, a resident in a California community, and the owner of a business whose purpose it is to provide supportive properties for intentional communities to seed and grow, I would like to see one or both of these houses occupied by a new community. One of the houses is on AirBnB now; you can see it here: . The other house is next door and similar.

I’m looking for at least four people (could probably be as many as 20) to join together with intention to form a community in one or both houses. I am not so much concerned about what the vision of the community is, as long as it has one. My own home community has a vision around conscious relating; the previous community in this location had a vision around community gardening. Ideally, it would be four or more people who know each other and share a vision. Ideally, it would be more than four.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a community in Detroit, and are looking for a site, contact me individually or as a group, to start a conversation about this possibility.