Solar Single Family Home in Rural South-Central PA Cohousing Community

by Sandy Hartzell
Real Estate For Sale
The Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community, Orrtanna, PA, USA

Price: $250,000


This home is located within the Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania. This home includes passive design features such as an earth-bermed lower level, sufficient southern glazing for solar gain during the winter months, ample use of concrete and tile for thermal storage, and an open floor plan. The home also includes a ~3kW grid-tie PV system and solar thermal domestic hot water. Backup domestic hot water and space heat is provided via a high-efficiency gas-fired boiler.

The home has three finished levels. The lowest level is constructed of prefabricated concrete panels and includes a family room, a bedroom with an attached full bath, a gallery area, a utility space, and several storage areas. The lower level is day-lighted to the south and directly accesses a concrete patio area.

The main level is of modular construction and was designed for single-floor living. It includes the kitchen, a great room (with access to a deck), 1/2 bathroom, laundry, a bedroom with private access a 3/4 bathroom with a roll-in shower, and an office/den space.

The finished attic includes a semi-private sleeping area as well as a separate great room.

Additional home information and photos can be found here.

The Hundredfold Farm Community

The Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community is an effort to create a 15-household rural cohousing community in the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, area. The members of this community are learning together as they explore the art of living in a sustainable way.

We want our community to emerge not from holding meetings, but from small, daily, and spontaneous encounters with each other that occur while walking from the car to the house, picking up the mail, chatting together in the laundry room, preparing a community meal or building a tree house together.

The cornerstone of our common vision for Hundredfold Farm may be expressed as Caring, Paring, and Sharing.


Working in partnership with the 80-acre piece of land that is Hundredfold Farm we are committed to keeping the interests of the land foremost in all our decisions.


Reducing our ecological footprint – this value underlies decisions about incorporating active and passive solar power into the homes, a system that recycles our wastewater for reuse as flush water, growing our own food, and vigorous recycling. We are continually seeking ways to reduce our consumption of non-renewables and live more lightly on the land.


An ethic of finding ways to community as it naturally arises from living lives that consciously intersect with the lives of others. We are building detached, single-family homes but our group is equally excited about creating those spaces that we will use together.

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