Søker jevnbyrdige/A good match

by Leif-Conrad & Linn
Forming Communities

Hi there,

me and my partner are looking for other people to connect with. At the moment many of our plans for the future are limited by our reduced health, but are hoping to find someone to get closer to. Maybe that someone is here?

We would love to find someone that we could add to our «soul family», someone that mesh well with our values and worldview. Hopefully someone we can feel stimulated by, safe- and grow together with, as has been the case in our relationship so far.

We want to find co-creators to our lives, someone that can take both practical and metaphysical steps towards the future we/they want to see. For us, that involves healing and connecting with ourselves on many levels, and with the world around us. We have found Spiral Dynamics Turquoise a useful reference-point in that regard. There is alot to say about our experience and understanding of Turquoise, but I’m not sure explaining ad naseum will help, but here is a short summary:

I imagine having a close group of people that are deeply interconnected and self-connected on an existential level. Focused and dedicated to harmonizing their inner levels, our group levels and living more gently within themselves and with each other. Exploring and experiencing paradoxes and dualities, being completely dependent and simultaneously very distinctly independent.

So a bit about us:
We have been together for six years, are in our mid thirties and are both on Disability Benefit. We have been working on inner healing from trauma and reducing our stress for a good while. We try to improve most on the Memes we are weak on, so I am reconnecting with emotion, and my partner with the mind.

Something about you:
We would love to find another couple around our own age. Things might still work out if you are single and have some other arrangements, but maybe this isn’t the time yet? 
You have a lot of self-awareness, meta-awareness and compassion.

If you deeply long for community with other co-creators, and like what we have written, let us know more about you and how you see what I have written here.

Wishing everyone reading this all the best.