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Skalitude Retreat Center looking for new community co-owners

by Douglas DeMers
Cohousing Openings + Real Estate
302 Smith Canyon Road, Carlton, WA 98814

Calling all people who value magic and mystery!  You are invited to become part of the co-creative team working to re-envision a new Skalitude (https://www.skalitude.com/). This invitation goes out to individuals, families and/or communities.

Situated in the Eastern foothills of the North Cascade mountains in North Central Washington state, Skalitude is 160 acres nestled in a secluded basin in the renowned Methow Valley. At the end of the county road and surrounded on all sides by thousands of acres of Okanogan National Forest wild land, the amazing power of this land nourishes and rejuvenates.

Through all four seasons, Skalitude is a year-round delight.

This special and sacred land has been used as a retreat center and gathering place for decades. Now this unique and special property seeks new individual(s), families and/or communities to join with current LLC members to create Skalitude’s future.

Skalitude LLC holds title to this beautiful property. Currently, three members hold interest in the LLC, and a one third membership priced at $200K is available from a founding LLC member whose needs have changed. This can be separated as $50K + $150K. Additional LLC members may also be added – to enhance the community resilience and to reduce the mortgage on the property. You and the remaining LLC members, two who currently live on the land – will have the opportunity to design and re-invent the future with Skalitude herself.


Contact Douglas at skalitudesale[email protected]