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Off Grid Truly Natural Forest Permaculture Plant Based Veganic (Vegan Organic) Village/Community, Live In Work Trade Barter, Home, Adobe

by HempMilk
Seeking Community
Flat Earth, Off Grid, forests, spring water, self sufficient barter

Hola chicos y chicas,

Simple, Honest, Athlete, Straight, artist, truly natural plant based gardener, keeping it real, natural, holistic ways, plant based whole food (mostly rah) and grow own food truly naturally, the simple forest permaculture plant based way, and prepare veganic homemade meals and drinks. Don’t use toxic things, just baking soda, pure salts, lemon, or vinegar and pure water to clean and wash etc.
i’m in ‘new england’ now but looking to be Off Grid as the main priority and free of the fake privately owned banking system scam, in a natural tropical, warm location or a forest location with simple natural organic vegan sols who farm and grow their own food, aren’t fake and not about capitalism or greed, with a natural tiny home or casita to rent or barter as a natural plant based live in assistant, gardener, housekeeper etc (live in work trade) in an off grid clean energy situation in  forest country areas.  Mountain spring water to fill up.  Outhouses,  Compost toilets, veganic gardens.

Thank you for caring and i look forward to talking more with you if you fit this way.   Looking in warm areas like greece, madeira, italy, southern portugal, mexico, belize, central americas, pacific, wherever the vibe is bueno..

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