Seeking investors to save our 40 year old community

by momovomo
Forming Communities
San Luis Obispo, CA


The Establishment is a co-living intentional community that has existed for over 40 years in downtown San Luis Obispo, housed in a historic hotel with 19 bedrooms. Over the years 100s of people have been transformed by the house and its community. The current owners have decided to sell the house, giving a group of former housemates the opportunity to attempt to purchase the property so that it may continue on with ownership that has the best interests of the community in mind. We have a large sum of the asking price gathered, but are seeking more investors to bolster our chance of securing the house over any outside entity that would likely spell doom to our community. The return on investment is surprisingly good, so this is a great opportunity to make an investment that will make money for you while literally saving an entire community. We are seeking investors via FIC with hopes that we will find people that understand the importance of community and are aligned with our values of maintaining a healthy community as well as a financially sustainable business. 


We have plans for investments of all sizes – smaller sums will be paid back over a few years once the house is purchased. Larger sums will provide an ownership stake in the house with equity increasing over time, and shareholders will receive a yearly dividend based on percent of ownership.


Larger investors who have an ownership stake can decide on their level of involvement in the goings-on of the LLC, so you can simply invest and not have to manage anything, if desired. Our core investor group is all folks that have lived at the house in the past and care deeply about it and ensuring the community continues to thrive, in addition to ensuring the investment is sound. 

If you care about community and are seeking an investment that aligns with your values, please consider joining our group. This is your chance to save a thriving community from sputtering out of existence. Thank you!


Time is of the essence – the owners have listed the house on the open market so if you are interested, please contact me ASAP.


For more information, please contact:

Molly Vanderlip 

650 793 1326 

[email protected]


More about the house: 

A video about the house

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