Seeking Heart Centered COmmunity & other seekers

by Shanika Malcolm
Community Seekers
ATLanta Ga

I’ve been seeking community for quite a while. I even visited a few and moved to The Farm in Tennessee for a year. The problem I’ve seen is the lack of diversity and lack of affordability. While I can go anywhere and be fine, it is no fun being the only person/family of color anywhere. I seek to be in a heart centered tribe, with health & healing relationships. I’ve been playing with the idea of getting land and starting such a community because I’ve looked and looked and don’t think I’ve seen it yet. If you know of such a place, please point the way. If your seeking such a place, maybe we can vision & co:create it.

More about me: I an Afro-Caribbean woman and mother of 3 children. I reside at the intersection of Spirituality & Nature. The word spirituality triggers a lot for people. What I mean is being committed to my growth, healing, awareness of self and upliftment of consciousness of self & humanity. Being an indigenous woman, I really resonate with indigenous wisdom & ways of being. No, I’m not vegan, lol. I birthed my children at home, like growing food, enjoy cold plunges in rivers, love drum circles & dancing, avid reader and a dreamer and weaver of what can be. I grew up in the city but relish the idea of being barefoot in the bush & dancing naked under the full moon, lol. I enjoy fanciful writing and humor. If you can’t tell just read the last sentence again. What I’m saying is that I’m looking for deep connections with others and to live that way everyday. I’ve just about mastered deeply connection with myself & I’m deeply contemplating writing a book about it but would rather be in community.

You wanna connect ?? As we say in Philly….Holla at cha girl. lol