Seeking Community

by OurFreeSociety
Community Seekers
I'm open to location within the US so long as it's not freezing and not dry and boiling

Hi everyone,

I’m a single woman (no kids) looking for like minded people.

I’m seeking an established community, or people in the process of building a community based on freedom (that means no slavery), the nonaggression principle, and you don’t bow down to government unless you absolutely have no choice.

Any community that bows down to toxic slave masks, slaved imprisonment, forced toxic testing, & the forced poisonous jab is out for me. Please study the truth.

I’ve also been studying the Law of Equity.

I am an intelligent agorist, holistic, I don’t believe in germ theory, I’m a spiritually conscious truther activist, so I know the truth about what is really going on now and we aren’t going to survive this takedown of humanity unless we gather together.

I’m looking for communities of 8 people based on this premise.

Free Communities

I would like us to share in all of our hard work and then provide for the next small community down the road while they share the fruits of their labor with us.

I personally can’t do manual labor (I just don’t have the ability to do so), but I have years of running small businesses and my specialty is organization, coming up with ideas and implementing what we decide.

I’d like to run a micro bioidentical farm based on the principles of true bioidentical farming and/or moon farming. I’m not a vegan so I’d also like to have some chickens, a dairy cow and a couple of regular cows.

I would love to say I want off-grid, but I need wired fast Internet & I’m not looking to share a house because I need my privacy, quiet, and no cigarette smoke (a bit of 420 is ok). And please, no alcoholics.

If you have any suggestions and want to gather together, please reach out. At the very least we can help one another find others.

I look forward to hearing from you.