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Sandhill Farm Missouri seeking 2020 Interns (and Members!)

by Kim Kanney
Jobs + Opportunities
Sandhill Farm Rutledge, MO

Sandhill Farm is an intentional community established in 1974 in the rural farmland of northeast Missouri. We are currently 5 adults and 2 children stewarding 160 acres of fields, forest, gardens, orchards, houses, barns, livestock, and more. We live an agrarian, homestead lifestyle with partial autonomy among members.  We are neighbors and friends to 2 additional communities: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage & Red Earth Farms.

We are seeking seasonal interns for the 2020 growing season. Internship includes part-time childcare. People with childcare experience and who enjoy spending time with little ones are encouraged to apply!

If you are interested in homestead lifestyle and want to contribute to the day-to-day labor of our farm, please reach out. Read more at for additional information and our application.

We are also seeking new members! Visit for more information or visit our Directory listing at