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Eco Spiritual Community Volunteer

by Sam Medal
Seeking Community
Costa Mesa, California

Hi I’m Sam. My community experience is in Glenelg, La Casa Brisa, Divinya where I got my PDC, Desert Island, hill tribe villages, small organic farms, large 500 acre farms, Chiang RaiTRai Monastery, Upton House, The Blaze Collective, nudist collectives, cooperatives, permaculture garden, forest cities, settlements, and rainbow gatherings.

My experience has been spread across North America, Thailand, Hawaii, Scotland, UK, Copenhagen, Parts of Sweden, Israel, France, Italy, Anguilla and Spain.

I have done this

People Centered

Active listening, Leading, Group Meditation, inner yoga, Meditating disputes, Problem Solving, Facilitated Engaging new people, outreach,Understanding perspectives unique from mine, Sharing vulnerably, Organizing ideas and objects, Circles, Adaptablility, Connecting with people, Sharing space, couching, Holding others in their truth, Nonjudgment acceptance, Meditation practices


Training volunteers, website design, Sales, Reaching out to new people over phone and online, Customer Service, teaching, Customer Engagement, Customer Retention, closing sales, business development, starting a company, research, pr, Managing farmer’s market, marketing online and in person, Deep cleaning, Plant-based cooking, Large Scale cooking, painting, bread making, Fermenting, Sleeping outside, Living in very small space, social media, Word suite, patient advocate, Healthcare aide, Childcare


Farming small plots, Pruning, Harvesting, Farming zone 7-11, fruit tree management, Seeding, Planting, building fences, Weeding, drip irrigation, Intentional land design, Permaculture design, tropical plant growing, Mulching, Greenhouse growing, trenching, hugelkultur, making posts, hoeing, berms, companion planting

I seek a community or opportunity for next 2 to 3 months somewhere in the world.

I would like you to be committed to growing all your own food, activism, based in intimacy/vulnerability between members, and has a spiritual focus.

My greatest assets are

my willingness to commit myself to something with every single part of myself, my openness to connect vulnerable with others, willing to learn or relearn or unlearn any skill, ability to shed the past and be present, great follower of instructions especially when they are important to someone, able to lead, and able to be slow and intentional as well as fast and intentional

Things I’m working at

Creating sincere truth from inside if me to outside, not telling white lies, seeing others people’s truth, not judging, not viewing relationship from last interaction  but current one, not shutting down if someone is very aggressive, loving everyone and following through

If my message resonated with you or hit you somewhere deep or you just wanna ask questions.

I’m at your disposal.

I’m available to talk most days in afternoon PDT.

I’m free to join or visit next week.