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Room open in Chicago owner-occupied cooperative

by Loren Phillips
Community with Opening
Chicago, IL

Hello! We are an owner-occupied cooperative in Chicago’s West Humboldt Park neighborhood.

We are a group of people in their 30s who value sustainability, community, and building things with our hands. We have many different passions and professions, including architecture, street outreach, harm reduction, sculpture, acro yoga, carpentry, brewing, journalism, reading, bike fabrication, gardening, and programming. Most of us are queer, some of us are trans/non-binary, all of us share a commitment to affirming the identities and experiences of others.

The house is on a double lot and has two two-bedroom apartments and one four-bedroom. There’s also a giant former storefront we’re building into a community space, a basement with bike and metal workshops, a woodshop/garage, a potting porch, a roof accessible by ladder, and a large yard with a vegetable garden, fire pit, bird feeder and fruit trees.

We are looking for enthusiastic housemates to share our four-bedroom apartment. This unit of 4 people is a mini co-op within our larger co-op of 8. The apartment has one bathroom, a spacious kitchen, a dining room, a living room with a projector, and one Chihuahua/dachsund (chewdacca!) named Biscuit who loves to cuddle.

The common space is clean and uncluttered and full of plants. The pantry and fridge are always stocked from a pooled grocery fund. We tend to be generous with and take care of each other — there’s usually extra dinner/breakfast, and you might find someone has brought up your mail or made sandwiches to pack for lunches.

One of us has a baby on the way, due in mid July. They live in a separate apartment that is sound insulated from the 4 bedroom.

The $651/month includes rent, utilities, community space use, 6’X8′ of basement storage space, and a building fund for collective projects like gardening and maintenance.

A note about accessibility: The unit is on the second floor, accessible by two flights of stairs with a landing, or one very long flight. For additional accessibility questions, please email us!

No cats 🙁 because of allergies but we’re open to other pets. Optional furniture. Room available immediately; flexible date between now and September 1.

People of color to the front, along with Q/T/I folks.

Are you interested in coming to live with us? We would love to hear from you! Please send us an email answering the following questions. If we feel like we might be a good fit for each other, we will invite you over to share a meal. Looking forward to hearing from you.

1. Introduce yourself. Who are you? What are you passionate about?

2. What aspects of cooperative living excite you?

3. Community-building requires investment from all of us (time, energy, resources, emotional bandwidth, etc.). What skills do you have that you’d like to put to use in the space? What would you like to learn or explore more while living here?

4. Living in a community, we are all responsible for the financial health of the community. How do you resolve/prioritize financial obligations? What’s your primary source of income?

5. Anything else we should know about you?

6. What is your timeline for moving?