Reconnecting to the earth

by Jessica
Forming Communities
Northern Lower Michigan

Seeking founding members for low-impact commune. We want to live locally, meet our needs directly from the land without the use of power tools.
Photos are of the land and structures that came with it; it’s seven acres in a sparsely populated area, with lots of state forest land nearby.
Somewhere in one of his essays, Ward Churchill said he envisioned humans divided up into thousands of small communities.
Face-to-face is how we are meant to live. Sharing responsibilities and being accountable to each other and experiencing the consequences of our actions concretely.

…. Some communities are collections of couples and nuclear families – I feel this structure is part of the problem.

belonging to the ecosystem


gift economy


considering future generations

the discrete, separate self is an illusion (Charles Eisenstein describes this in The Ascent of Humanity)