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Raven’s Roost Cohousing, Anchorage AK

by Dena
Community with Opening

Give yourself the gift of community in beautiful Alaska. Anchorage’s first cohousing neighborhood, Raven’s Roost, has three homes for sale.

Each unit at Raven’s Roost is a full-featured, 6 star energy rated, private home with southern exposure for maximum sun. Residents share many amenities, including a 3800 sq ft Common House with large kitchen and dining area for meals, library, kids’ play room, 2 guest rooms, and optional laundry room (each home has its own laundry hook-up as well as its own kitchen). The shared 1520 sq ft workshop has a woodworking area fully equipped with tools, ski waxing & bike repair area, as well as a room for sewing/fabric arts and fitness equipment. The neighborhood is on 6 acres of green open space with private and community gardens, close to trailheads for those who enjoy skiing or hiking and within .5 mile of nearby shops.

At the heart of cohousing is the desire to live in community among friendly neighbors of all ages who truly know each other and who help each other out. Neighbors give each other rides to the airport, watch kids while their parents run errands, walk dogs when owners are out of town, and help each other in many ways. Our strong sense of community is fostered as we prepare and eat optional shared meals 2-3/week, as we manage our community together and make consensual group decisions. While walking dogs, or gardening, or recycling or doing just about anything you are likely to have spontaneous interactions with neighbors. It may therefore surprise readers to learn that nationwide more than half the people who live in cohousing communities are introverts who like knowing that just outside their front door, they can interact with the community when they choose too.

The 40+ people of all ages who live at Raven’s Roost like inter-generational cohousing for a variety of reasons. Kids love having other kids nearby to play with. Parents know their kids can safely roam the whole neighborhood because other adults are also keeping an eye on the kids, and they can save time and money by swapping childcare right in the neighborhood. Singles like the high level of social vitality, making life more interesting, vibrant, and fun. Elders know there’s always someone

around to lend a helping hand. Travelers trust their neighbors to care for their pets and keep their homes safe while they travel. Watch our video which shows why we chose to live in our inter-generational cohousing community at https://youtu.be/D6YVMxWeCRQ

You can learn more about cohousing and about our community by going to ravensroostcoho.org. A short video shows our early hopes/dreams before actual construction and a later one shows what life is like now that we have lived here about two years. You can see our goals, such as striving to be sustainable, and read the biographies of the interesting, diverse people who live here.

The three units currently available are all newly constructed 3 bedroom townhouses 1159 sq ft or 1355sq ft Prices start in the low $400,000’s.

We would be pleased to answer questions and to give you a virtual tour of the available units if you live outside Alaska.  If you live in Alaska we invite you to meet us in person. 

Call (907) 399-2051.

We look forward to warmly welcoming new residents into our neighborhood.

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