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Phoenix Healing Artists Collective

by Bari
Community Forming
Phoenix, AZ

Greetings to all seeking Community living!

I am a co-founder of an intentional co-op community, centered around people who are working in or interested in the healing arts professions, and those who are passionate about creative expression of all sorts.

  • Short term Vision…To create a dynamic living experience of housing styles that brings creative people together in an intentional healing arts co-op community.
  • Intermediate Vision…To create a relationship between rural and urban elements that embraces a supportive and collaborative environment.
  • Long term Vision…To create a bold and highly functional working model that guides others to pursue similar intentional communities.
  1. The Short term Vision will be an urban or suburban, single or multi-unit dwelling, along with Tiny Homes.
  2. The Intermediate Vision is for a rural co-community element, the urban and rural elements existing to support one another.
  3. There will be an initial collective visioning process, followed by a trial period of living together to determine compatibility and to refine the vision.

These times are pleading with us to bring about change! What do you feel inspired to do? I feel inspired to embrace a more sustainable way of living through the creation of intentional community. I feel compelled to be more connected to self – to my neighbors – to humanity – to other living beings – to mother earth.

It is now abundantly clear how interconnected everyone and everything is, and how all of our systems we’ve relied on are far more vulnerable than we were willing to admit. It is evident that we cannot stay the course we’re on and maintain long term species survivability, or even maintain a short term sense of security and fulfillment. What provides fulfillment to us? Being sequestered at home has allowed those basic life-fulfilling desires to shine through. What shift within have you noticed? Do you like what you see? Are you ready to act on those clear visions for a better future? For myself, the shifting has been profound in so many ways.

We are living through a wake up call, a call to action! This is a call to all seekers, creators, healers, artists, investors, lenders, developers, organizers, entrepreneurs, builders, land owners, promoters, visionaries, and agents of change – ALL PEOPLE – No matter who you are – No matter where you’re from – We need the best that EVERYONE has to offer.   You are the one you’ve been waiting for! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

We’ve entered into a period of awakening, of reckoning. Strong adversity always brings meaningful and lasting change. What change would you like to see? I would like to invest for an uncertain future. I’d like to see a world living more connected, connected in meaningful ways. Most of us who live in Western Society live fragmented lives, we live separated from that which brings us our most basic human needs. We’ve become addicted to separation, to competition, to consumption, to medication, to greed, to prejudice, to ignorance, to fear, to anger, to self-destruction.  The human race has crashed and burned on so many levels.  But, like the Phoenix, we shall rise from the ashes of our predecessor.  We will regenerate and obtain new life, when we spread our wings and RISE UP!

We can re-define the ways we do things. This is a time to embrace new levels of consciousness, a time to re-shape society the way we would like it to be. This is a time for us to see opportunity, to see purpose, a time to expand and grow in new ways, a time to shift paradigms.

Although the Short term Vision will have me physically located in Phoenix, at least until I’ve completed my education, I am absolutely open to other locations on planet earth. The most important thing is finding the right people, the location can be negotiable. Ideally, if I decide to leave Arizona, I will have co-created the vision that will live on.

For me, living in a co-housing community was one of the the most fulfilling life experiences I’ve had, and I’ve longed for it ever since. Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to live intimately with others. It takes a lot of conscious and committed effort to work on oneself and to think and behave in more holistic ways. But the rewards surpass the sacrifices, and the perceived sacrifices are often just that. It’s about letting go of our hurtful thoughts and actions to reveal our true human nature.

This is my passion! This is my life’s purpose! There are many more levels for us to explore. And those, if you feel drawn thus far, are what we’ll discuss when we connect. This life is transient. I want to live life fully, now! The choice is ours. The time is now. Now is the time!

I know that you are out there, and we are already connected on some level. Let us make the final connection……

…until then, I’m holding the space for us all to come together,