Seeking Permie Farming Partners, central Florida

by Jon Butts
Plant City, FL

Small sustainable focused, permaculture-based farm looking for partners wanting to grow vegetables,

perennials and raise animals  near Tampa, Florida.

We’re offering housing, food, shared kitchen (possible transportation) plus a small stipend.

Presently we grow veggies, raise and milk water buffalo, make cane syrup, have small fruit orchard,

mechanic and wood-working shops, tools and housing.

We’re family orientated, non-religious, social, community, environmentally active folks.


We’re offering an Earth and People friendly opportunity to live a low-carbon, productive life.

Open to others wanting to buy into our farm as partners; cash, sweat equity, or ?

Looking for the few folks ready to do something good for humanity and for the planet. 


Key words: homesteading, homegrown, climate change, Weston Price, ecovillage, community, WMNF, peace.

Sustainable Farms are a lot of effort with little monetary reward but are the solution for a healthy life and planet.


Contact:  Jon   at     [email protected]