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Peaceful woman seeks Ontario community

by Janet Jephcott
Seeking Community
Holstein, Ontario

Hi! I am seeking a small community in southern Ontario: in the countryside max an hour from a big town or city; separate homes or apartments; no molds or chemical scents; kitties allowed(my two are litter trained indoor cats-I walk them each day on leash).😸

I am a young at heart 64 year old woman, an artist, expressive dancer and singer-songwriter and shaman/healer in training.  I am deeply into spiritual connection in a pagan sort of way-but I am not of any religion.

Currently I have health challenges and I am healing using shamanic journeying, totem helpers, Guides and physically with holistic methods such as organic whole foods, yoga, supplements, outdoor exercise…

I seek a supportive group of people who also love and connect deeply with Nature and Creator, who love to dance and sing freely, who respect Nature as our Mother who requires us to respect Her world-ecologically and spiritually.

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