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Passionate young couple in search of loving community

by Joe cronquist
Seeking Community
Currently in Phoenix, Arizona. Living Nomadic, we are not here for long!

Aspen and I are seeking our people.

We both believe that the disturbances of the Divine balance in this age are rooted in the disrespect of animals (humans included). Hurt as of now, we have been wandering the west of North America the last 2 years, exposing ourselves to the dark and light within others and ourselves.

Our traveling has led us to a deep desire to share our light and love with the land, animals and humans. We long to find a tribe.

Aspen is from the mountains of Wyoming. She is an amazing vegan cook, has a few years experience in the gardening/landscaping/greenhouse work, and was raised with an array of  farm animals. The two lovely dogs we watch over are her babies. She takes their care very seriously an example of that being that she rises everyday to make them home made plant based meals. This women is passionate. Taurus is her sun, Aquarius her moon, and Leo is her rising. Aspen is the nurturing type and is usually considered the “mom” of her friend group, her loving touch extends to all life forms. Some of her hobbies include, foraging, wild plant medicine, COOKING, hiking and loving on any creature she comes in contact with.

I am from Alaska. Wild, Risky, Fun, and Quick best describe me. Aspen has changed my world the last 4 years, she opened the door to discovering so much I avoided in my “past life”. Seeing as I come from an oil state, past Joe was on route to becoming a journeyman carpenter. On my way to that goal, I worked several different jobs in the system (restaurant, sales, labour, maintenance) exposing me to multiple personalities and fine tuning my emotional awareness. Coupled with an entire life of team sports, I am savvy when it comes to working in a group. I am passionate about “flowing” in athletics, which couples with the study of philosophy, psychology, and theology. My main activities as of now are slacklining and juggling. Good at explaining what I learn to others, I have a long term goal of using this awareness of flow to help people connect to that part of themselves. Every time I succeed my cup is filled. I am Pieces sun, Libra moon, and Scorpio rising. Flowing like water..

Both of us seek the wisdom of elders. We believe that our generation, us included, is ignorant to what it takes when it comes to living off the land without assistance from oil. To truly give as you live, instead of take. We are sending vibes for a location off grid, in the mountains, around fresh water, with a community that wants to dance, worship the animals and grow food.

Living nomadically, we are open and flexible. Check us out on NoochyNomads on Youtube to get a taste of us.

Much love everyone!


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