organic farmers

by Sachet
Community Seekers

the jig is up. I don’t want to work trade, and I’m not wealthy. So how to begin my own farm? Find people who are serious about wanting a farm, are experienced and can invest in farmland together.

1/2 and acre can cost 200,000, but 10 acres can cost 600,000. The cost per acre is much lower the larger lot one buys.

With a handful of experienced farmers who are able to invest money into land, we can own a farm.

We will buy land, not lease it.

We will have legal written agreements which will outline what will happen in the future if someone wants to sell their part, etc.

This will not be a pot farm or a hippie commune.

please email me :

your age, farming experience, skills, amount of money able to invest, family size, and preferred location to buy land in.