Off-Grid Sustainable Permaculture Community

by Dan Schultz
Communities with Openings
Gasquet, CA

Seeking to partner with healthy, mature, cooperative-minded, potent peoples — who also value connection with land and tribe.

Our focus is on health and a natural self-sufficient life.  Community agreements are to live here with no chemical dependencies, no smoking (anything) and we are holistically not afraid of germs, including covid. Beware!

Read over our web site thoroughly before contacting, as there are particulars about our project that make it unique and not for everyone.   Visit

Member options:
–Invest in a Lifetime Lease
–Co-Own the Land
–Interns and work trade arrangements

We are completely self-sufficient, off-grid, and independent of all industrial systems (although we certainly still do take part in them). Enjoying a flourishing eco-cabin Airbnb rental business along with food production; 100+ fruit and nut tree orchard, plentiful berries, dairy (goats), chickens, mushrooms, and other foraging.

Located in a remote, sustainable, off-grid, wilderness eco-village focused on permaculture-inspired homesteading/forest farming (agroforestry). We do not cultivate pot/hemp. We are 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean, half hour from the redwoods, and seven hours from major population centers (btw Portland and SF) in the Siskiyou Mountains, Six Rivers National Forest, and Smith River National Recreational Area. This is a Mediterranean climate yet also a temperate rain-forest (often over 100 inches of rain/yr.) with hot dry summers. Our water systems are plentifully fed from natural springs by gravity.

In Health and Happiness