NYC Community Open to New Members

by Susan Grossman
Community With Opening
, NY

GANAS, an urban, 37 year-old intentional community located in a quiet and tree filled neighborhood in an outer borough of New York City, is currently open to new members.  A diverse collection of approximately 60-70 individuals & families live in our eight well-maintained and (mostly) adjacent houses.

Ganas, a Spanish word meaning “motivation sufficient to act”, was started when its founders came together to form a self-selected, extended family based on an intention to care for each other, share work and fun, and  address problems as they developed. With “ganas” we use our energy to focus on working out problems together, which allows us to embrace diversity and create sustainable community. The community meets five days a week (for 90 minutes) to talk about work, community, and personal issues, although meeting participation is voluntary. Our purpose is to bring reason and emotion together in daily problem solving, in order to create our world, with love, the way we want it to be. We are learning how to cooperate, care for each other and share resources.

Ganas is currently welcoming those who want to join us in learning together. Please take a moment to explore our website ( which contains much more information. You may also contact us for further information by emailing Susan at [email protected]. We welcome visitors every Friday evening for dinner and discussion. We look forward to meeting you!