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Looking for International, Progressive, Loving, Warm, Friendly “Spiritual Family”

by Pamela
Seeking Community

Hello Fellow Seekers,

My name is Pam I’d like to share a little about who I am and what I’m looking for in community. It’s important for me to share my gifts of many years as a sound healer and singing harpist in a loving community of like – minded, spiritually based people of all ages who are interested in personal growth and making the world a better place.  A “spiritual family” of cutting edge thinkers who are “HEART CENTERED.” A community open to sound healing and more advanced methods of healing, where there is total respect for the beauty of the land and for one another living in Peace and Harmony.  A “Cosmic Village” for raising consciousness and growing healthy food, sharing meals and offering classes on personal growth and enlightenment. I’m interested in a community with a balance of personal time and participation in community. I prefer the privacy of my own space in a rural area right in nature where world travelers are welcomed to visit, and a city is nearby. I’m also open for traveling to other communities to share Sound Healing in exchange for paid travel expenses, room and board – my own sacred space.

I can be reached for any suggestions and or ideas.  Thank you to all who read this and pass it on!!   720-245-7317

Contact:   [email protected]

Who I am

I am a light worker, open to higher dimensions of knowledge. I’m also a singing harpist, composer, professional speaker and sound healer. I work with voice, harp, tuning forks and Tibetan bowls. I’ve been using these gifts for many years. I use healing frequencies for general health maintenance on a daily basis. My vision has been to work in a “Sound Dome” for healing and Raising Consciousness with a partner of like mind. Domes totally enhance the energy of sound. I’ve been doing “Sound Gatherings for World Peace” now called “Sounds for Ascension” in Colorado which I would love to do in communities all over the country.

I have a grown son, named Raphael, in Denver, who I dearly love and want to see as often as I can.

If this resonates with you or your community

I can be contacted through my website:  or  720-245-7317

the best email: [email protected]