Libertarian Natural-Health Advocate Seeks Low-EMF Community

by SunshineIsTheBestMedicine
Community Seekers

I want to live in an off-grid community filled with people with similar values.

I love eco-villages. I love having most of the things I need to be within the community. I love being a net-positive to the world. I feel I have a lot to learn in terms of homesteading as I have lived a typical suburban existence for my 36 years of life. I am open to learning. I might have to do a work-share or training before I find the right place.

I consider myself a libertarian, but I get along with liberals and conservatives because I identify with values from both sides. I am in the prepper mindset right now, though as I would like to not have to be dependent on a economic and social structure of the “real world” which has proven to be incredibly fragile and unsustainable. I believe in health freedom and natural illness prevention.  I do not want to live somewhere with mandatory vaccines.

I do not want to abandon technology or the internet, but I am not a fan of wireless internet as I’m concerned with the possible health effects and how it affects the energy of the place. I don’t want to be really close to cell-phone tower (Read: less than a mile) and it would be great to be around others who feel the same as that helps in the activism realm of keeping the area relatively EMF-free.

I want to have a few great 3rd spaces at the community such a a library (I have books that I’d love to add!) and meeting hall for board games,meals, ect. Being within 1-2 hours of a decently sized city with bookstores and libraries would be nice, but I know not always practical.

What can I bring to the table? I come from the world of western medicine so am very knowledgeable about that but my heart lies in natural remedies combining mind, body, and soul. I have plans to become a naturopath or integrative healer. I am very good at tutoring and teaching. I also want to learn more about working the land.

I have visited a few ICs and have even rented in one for a short time and I loved it!  I am using books obtained from to do research before I find, what I hope to be, a possible “forever home” -or at least a place to spend the next 5 years or so. I will definitely rent or work-share before I get fully involved!