Looking for compadres that want to work towards Better ways to live, get land etc… Now with weekly zoom call

by Dan
Forming Communities
North Delaware, South of Philly region

I would like to form sustainable and regenerative community. Currently, my main streams of income is in the state of Delaware and Maryland but I am really open to go anywhere and do anything within reason. It is a little difficult to to move as I have a couple of properties here so just trying to be practical about it. I do own 13 acres of woods in rural Maryland as well. So, there’s somewhere that could be a base. Some people live there already and I commute from there sometimes.

I do seek lifemates and want to work towards a great tribe. I was thinking maybe flipping houses as a way to build a team together and that sort of thing, but I think there are better ways to do that with partnering with organizations around the area wherever that may be at. It takes a community to make a community so we will figure it out as a group and that’s why I am hosting a weekly video call from 7:30pm est on Tuesdays.

A little about me my name is Dan and I’m 38 and I tried to form communities many times, one of them was this cohouse project where we helped host travelers but it turned into one big party and it didn’t work out well. I think of myself as just a normal person with a dream of a better way to live. Come out and explore the idea with us on video chat! The link is https://delvalcoco.org/virtual-common-house/