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Let’s be holistic and practical about making community

by danguskhan
Forming Communities
wilmington, de

Why not try joining a community that also has a decent plan on making money so that if you decide to leave you can walk away with something to show for it in your wallet? We are material beings and the wolves won’t let us be so we do have to take care of ourselves with these endeavors. So, why not try community with not taking such a financial risk?

My idea is try to form community where I am at in Delaware. I have free rent here and can accommodate more with that, but I suggest we buy and flip houses as a way to make money/build teamwork and skills. I have decent credit and down payment to get started, just don’t want to do it alone plus I have a regular job too so don’t have the time really to do it myself.

I also want lifemates and work towards a great tribe so this is a way to make that happen. I’m sure some will come and go and we will learn what works best but the ones that go can go with money in their pocket while trying to be a community. It takes a community to make a community so we will figure it out as a group but there are several communities not very far away from DE that can help us figure it out if we ask nicely.

I also figure it’s about breaking down the norms and challenging each other to do so and living and working and investing together will bring us together as a group. One of the challenges is the need for space all the time. Do you really need your space at all times or can we do more with less? If you need less space then you don’t need to air condition as much or own as much and you can live on less without really sacrificing anything other then a want or desire that is self defeating…. I’m probably wrong a bit and that’s why a conversation and collaboration is needed to turn this dream into a reality. This is not my first rodeo and what went wrong last time was not much commitment or drive to work on relationships that go deeper then roommates/friends. Why shouldn’t we try? I can help you get out here because we’ll be turning a profit pretty quickly once we flip a house. I’m not a weirdo or have any major problems, just a guy that envisions a better way and hasn’t found other communities that really are practical minded about people walking away with more then what they started with.