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Join a Dynamic Community of 55+ LGBT, Friends, and Allies in Durham, NC. Only a Few Homes Left

by Linda Hobbet
Community with Opening
Durham, NC, USA

Do you want to live in a community where you can openly be yourself? Where supportive neighbors are just a few feet away from your own private retreat? Where you experience the best of village life combined with the best of living in a lively city?

Village Hearth will be the first 55+ LGBT, friends, and allies cohousing community in the US. Now under construction in progressive, culturally vibrant Durham, NC. Twenty-eight units clustered on 15 beautiful acres. Move-in spring 2020. Join now to snag one of the last three homes available.

We are so excited about the way our community is coming together. We are building single-story, accessible, cottage-style homes with big front porches and private backyards, plus extensive shared amenities. Even better, we are working together to plan both the physical and social attributes of our community. Getting to know the dynamic and interesting people we will be living with has been a joy

In order to “Get it Right” we engaged the experts. Katie McCamant, Cohousing Solutions, is our development consultant and Charles Durrett, McCamant and Durrett, Architects, shepherded us through the design process.

To us, cohousing means…

  • coming together with the intention of being good neighbors while living our best lives.
  • purposely designing our surroundings to encourage social interaction and mutual support while providing ample privacy.
  • collaborating to create a culture that values respect, creativity, and belonging.
  • managing our community with an eye toward social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
  • having fun and having each other’s backs.

Our Community includes…

  • 2600+ sq ft Common House plus a spacious terrace, gourmet kitchen, great room, exercise, media, sitting, arts & crafts rooms and more.
  • additional facilities we’ve planned include a woodworking shop, art studio, storage building, dog park, and more.
  • 15 acres with ample space for gardens, walking trails, and quiet contemplation.
  • a great group of people!

For more information see our website at and sign up for our newsletter, call Margaret at 561-714-8009, or email Pat at [email protected] We look forward to meeting you.