Job opening: Order Fulfiller of spiritual products at

by Tamarin Laurel-Paine
Middlefield, MA (Western Mass)

Full-time, 40hrs/wk, Mon-Fri, high-activity job at, the community-supporting business behind the community center and common house of Beltane Hill Village.  Join the 20 people fulfilling orders from other alternative spiritual businesses and on-line vendors.

We need people who are fast, accurate, work well with others, care about productivity, lift heavy boxes, manifest positive influences in their lives.  We’d prefer people who value this as meaningful livelihood, serving a network of alternative vendors and craftspeople, and supporting community and spiritual growth.

Pay starts at $15/hr, with raises and bonuses dependent on productivity.  Located in Middlefield MA, a tiny rural southern hilltown of Western Mass, commutable from Northampton MA or the Berkshires.  Interview by phone with Tamarin 413-623-2155 x111.

Context: Long ago, AzureGreen’s founders (Adair & Tamarin), were part of a group of like-minded people discussing the desire to form a tribe, an intentional community, springing from the values of spiritual growth that had brought us together.  We shared Pagan values, which includes a very broad assortment of alternative spiritual practices. __Shared values include: Attunement with Nature, leading to the desire to live eco-friendly lifestyles, in the countryside. __A shared magical worldview includes: recognizing that we are co-creators of life’s manifestations, and responsible for our energetic relationships with everything.  __A shared ineffable yearning leads to being explorers of spiritual understanding, and pursuing personal growth.

This dream of a country land-based community of alternative values and practices would need an engine of money that could support the tribe’s cohesion and independence from mainstream life.  For decades, we have worked on this dream.  Now we have pearls to offer: in this beautiful country place, and in livelihood derived in a setting of spiritual products and cooperative-community modes.  I wish to offer these pearls to people who recognize their unique beauty and preciousness, and people whose own spiritual and cooperative sides will flourish because of them. I tire of giving my pearls of livelihood to people who think of it only as a paycheck and a convenient commute.  I seek people who want to invest heart and mind in community, and spirit growth. They also need to be willing to work 40hrs/wk.  Who is interested in an integration of full-time job, intentional community creation, alternative spiritual and healing life-practices?

There’s a quality of match-making to what I seek, so I entreat anyone, who understands the desires expressed, to think about who they know that might match, and pass this on to them.