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Intentional Community, Market Farm, Member Openings & Internships Available!

by Virgil VanPelt
Community with Opening
Southern Kansas

Green Acres has an amazing opportunity for the right person (people). We have two rooms one furnished one unfurnished but can be furnished if needed in the main house. We have 20 acres with tons of non-GMO seeds, one greenhouse done, one ready to build, three great farmers markets within 30 minutes. Do you want to grow a market farm using Permaculture methods? What about creating an income from that and a CSA? But you do not have land, tools or resources.

We are a dedicated small group looking to build this farm & CSA with a plant nursery from the ground up. We want to share this opportunity with a few people who are as committed to this natural way of life as we are. We offer room, board, profit sharing and if you have income or money to invest in infrastructure, etc we can offer larger shares of profit and the items you purchase can in most cases go with you if you choose to move on at some point. (though we hope you stay)

We do not want this to be like a corporate business but more like a family business dedicated to improving lives through natural food, while building soil, reducing water usage and creating natural recurring food systems.

We play board games, write books, watch movies and are a pretty neat bunch if we do say so ourselves. Rather you want a long term home and extended family or just to learn all the processes for creating a viable market farm and CSA business with plant nursery we could be just what you’re looking for.

Want two acres of your own to put a cabin on and grow your own market gardens while still being part of our community? That is possible as well. We do have a couple of rules.

No smoking inside, outside smokers must clean up their buts etc.

No drunkenness, growing illegal drugs, violence etc.

No preaching. Your religion is your own and we do not want to change it or save you & ask you respect our beliefs the same way.

We have animals inside and outside they do not have to be in your room just close your door. BUT they must not be mistreated. We have vegetarians and omnivores but do not kill any animals we raise or have on the property. We trade and buy meat for the omnivores and have plant-based alternatives as well.

Building a farm business is not easy it takes work and cooperation. We will share the profits, food, and home but you have to understand that it will take work to make this all come together for all of us. One person joined us for a month and asked why should they help build a rainwater catchment. I was shocked by the question. If you love reducing the footprint, creating sustainable ways of living, using water and growing food then those are great reasons. If its only as a business then honestly there are tons of jobs that offer a better rate of return if you measure things by the dollar.

Natural living and farming, as well as community living, has to be a reward to your spirit by that I mean you have to love the philosophy of Permaculture, natural living, helping each other because its the right thing to do and when we make money great but go into with that being a bonus not the end goal. Most farms make little profit in the first year.

We have knowledge, good cheer and a love of the natural world to share. If this sounds like a place you would like to call home for a few months or hopefully longer let us know. Its spring and we have seeds and good food to share.

We will also be baking, canning, dehydrating and building rocket stoves and installing a whole-house wood heater by winter as well. We wish you well where ever your journey for peace, growth, and family takes you, Voldane and Green Acres Community. 620 506 6532

In the pics, you see a new compost pile built with pallets, a pile of woodchips from a local tree cutting company, dairy goats, livestock guardian dog, chickens and more. We also have piles of reclaimed lumber and metal for building projects as well as garden beds.