In Search of Property in Southwest Ohio

by Dr. Glenn Kendall
Forming Communities
Southwestern Region of Ohio

Dr. Kendall’s Ph.D. study led to establishing a new congregate care model for vulnerable teens for upgrading the foster care group home model to an intentional ecovillage model benefitting the public. He has two Master’s Degrees (Humane Education and Theological Studies) to strengthen the Public Ecovillage model created by the study’s respondents and focus group consisting of former foster care, homeless, and runaway teens.

Originally from the Bronx, he now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and would like to start the program within a sixty-mile radius of Cincinnati. The program will also address food and nutritional desserts using an organic-farm-to-plate program benefitting vulnerable youths not having safe, stable, and permanent homes to call their own.

All services are based on ecosophy, sustainability, mindfulness, normative culture, and choice theory. But our immediate need is to find a suitable (preferably donated) property and land. We also need to form a group of advisors to help with planning and strategies. You can visit our website at and our Facebook page, Youthaven Public Ecovillage, Inc., or email me at [email protected], and my cell number is 973.390.3136.