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Hundredfold Farm is a 10-home cohousing community near Gettysburg, PA

by Bill
Community with Opening
1400 Evergreen Way, Orrtanna, PA 17353


  • Knowing all your neighbors.
  • Living in a well-built energy-efficient solar home.
  • Living with your children in a safe supportive, multi-generational community.
  • Sharing rituals and milestones with your “extended family” in a real, enduring, and joyful way.
  • A community of tolerance, open to everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality or family situation.

Hundredfold Farm is a 14-home cohousing community situated high on a hillside west of nearby historic Gettysburg, PA. Our custom designed energy-efficient single-family solar homes are surrounded by 80 acres of community-owned fields and forest. Community gardens and a greenhouse provide organic produce year-round.

Four ready-to-build lots are available now.

Come grow with us!

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After exploring, if you have any questions please send us an email!

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