Healing Center and Home, Unique Opportunity on the big island

by jstern1029
Housing For Rent + Shared

This is on a particular ten acre parcel of agricultural land with a clear ocean view on the beautiful  Hamakua coast on the big island of Hawaii. This is an area that is historically relatively safe from lava flow  and vog (volcanic smog) unlike other parts of the island. I have an option to buy this land.

I will be purchasing the parcel of land and I will also be a partner with one other person (you?) in the healing center which will also include an area for your own home. 

My idea for the healing center is to have programs for, but not limited to, the 17-24 age group. The programs will include emotional healing, gardening, energetic and natural forms of healing, natural building, various aspects of yoga, permaculture, and probably more and whatever else you might have to offer that is in a similar vein.

The structures I have in mind are, in addition to the living structures, a meditation hall, a barn (denoting it as a barn has certain permitting value on the big island) that has a meeting space, game room, and yoga hall and probably more. 

The land will have a pond for aquaponics, a greenhouse, a food forest, garden, and plenty of flowers. It is on a year-round creek. There are also cows and sheep on the land that are maintained by someone else. The animals do a good job of taking care of the land. Ie. They replace the need to mow!

Most of the infrastructure – electric, water, and roads, is in place.

Full disclosure is that this is a rainy area. There are, however, plenty of days of sunshine, the sunny areas are within an hour or two, and the rain can be beautiful! Plus, there are lots of rainbows here!

I am a 63 y.o. single man in excellent health.  I am a long-time yogi.

I am looking for someone in the healing arts who has, and has had, a similar vision. I look for a friendly and compatible person (or couple or small family) who is emotionally and physically healthy, and has good communication skills. I look for someone who wants to create something beautiful! (and has the energy to do so.)

You must have at least 125k to invest. While I value whatever experience and connections you might bring to the table, the money investment is required.

Deal breakers are if you or your family have had the CoVid vaccine or current and/or recent addictions.

The land will be (recreational) drug and alcohol free.

I will ask for your birth date, time, and place for astrological purposes. No matter how compatible we might seem at first, the fact is that probably we have not met. Astrology, as you may know, can include compatibility charting. Of course, I will be happy to provide my information to you too.

Thank you for reading this and maybe we will as they say here on the island “talk story” very soon. Aloha, John