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Healer/Retiree Seeking Community

by Mike
Seeking Community


I am 63 and soon to be retired! 

I very much prefer to move from CALIF to a state that could be cooler, but definitely not cold, and is cannabis legal.  A small town with plenty of outdoors, fairly close to larger city.  I have a need for medicinal CBD;  I do not smoke, never have.

To contribute to a garden/farm/greenhouse. I enjoy the outdoors and plan on having an electric bike.

As a career office employee, I look forward to volunteering full time in the areas of church, social/community, projects and especially helping those that need healing.   

I have healing tools that I am willing to share/donate to a clinic or group of experienced practitioners. LED’s, the Beck Protocol, light/sound, electronic, PEMF mat.  A Licensed practitioner would allow full use of a professional ozone machine.  Interest in natural cancer therapies.  Have much information.  I want to help people choose and use something other than standard cancer “therapies”.  Fortunately I will have medical insurance; I want to help those that don’t. I have been walking the Christian path, off and on, for many years.

Any messages of referral will be much appreciated.

Contact:  MIKE 

email:   [email protected]

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