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Group house and cooperative homeownership opportunity in Charlottesville, VA

by Matt
Community with Opening
Charlottesville, VA
We are a four-bedroom group house in Charlottesville, VA, currently looking for a fourth long-term housemate.  We are interested in and working toward cooperatively purchasing and owning the home from our willing and enthusiastic landlord so that all residents have equity in the home where they live (or at least the option of an equity stake).  We want to invite someone with a modicum of intentionality and a sense of community to rent and co-habitate with us.  If that person is also interested in exploring cooperatively purchasing this house, that would be a bonus!

The room is $525 plus utilities (about ~$100/mo). The available bedroom is 11×12 (120 ft2), on the east side of the house.  Room shares a bathroom with only one other person and each housemate has one street parking space in front of the house.

Three of us here now are long-term, in our early 40s (2 female, 1 male). Professionals (non-profit) with flexible schedules who work from home. We’re vegetarian and enjoy cooking, but usually there’s at least one omnivore living here at any given time.  We’re not new-agey types, but consider ourselves progressive, considerate, and pragmatic people.  There’s a cat in the house, but that’s the only pet, per cat’s request. The neighborhood is very peaceful.

We like to cooperate and socialize, but not in any structured way. We’re pretty quiet and chill, but there’s usually someone around and doing stuff most of the time.

If interested, please tell us a little about yourself in the email: what are your hobbies and interests, how do you spend your time, what’s your experience living with others, and anything else that might be interesting or relevant!