G3 Village: SURVEY NEEDED… 55+, Jacksonville FL, Agri-Village

by Joanne Hickox
Forming Communities
Jacksonville, Florida


Please consider watching our 6-minute zoom video located at the top of our web page to understand what we are designing and then take our survey where you can give us your opinions. The short survey takes about 3 minutes… the more in-depth survey will take an additional 5-6 minutes. Yes, we know it’s a commitment and we truly appreciate your time! We have just been offered a 43 acre site as a donation to our G3 Village. The video depicts our 100 acre village concept, but with this possible land donation, we will create a smaller “Proof of Concept” G3 Village. We would treasure your input as we are getting closer to this concept being a REALITY!

Thank you in advance! Joanne
Click our website link to view the concept video and to take the survey: http://www.SeniorsonaMission.org