For Those Who Think For Themselves and Wish to Live Sustainably Self Sufficient

by SunshineIsTheBestMedicine
Forming Communities
West Virgina, Virgina, Tennessee or North Carolina


We wish to ReWild ourselves from outside economic forces which have made us dependent on them and return to a more self sufficient way of life. We think for ourselves because we realize much of the paradigm of mainstream society is set up to keep afloat this precarious society which benefits the very few at the cost of our own humanity.

By obtaining most of our resources from the ecovillage and local community, we build a more resilient way of life to outside forces.

We grow our own food, raise livestock, barter goods and services with our neighbors, share less commonly used items such as tools, help each other build our homes using natural building materials, obtain energy from the sun and other renewable sources, reduce the need for oil by creating jobs within the community and car sharing, use holistic medicine and have home births and dying at home with dignity (optional), educate our children, and entertain ourselves with the arts, music, drama, books, games, nature exploration, conversation, hobbies, and even sometimes a trip to the city!

We are looking for land (most likely West Virgina but we are also considering Tennessee, North Carolina or Virgina). We seek others who who would like to invest in this idea. We plan to income produce through rentals (short and long term) while the community infrastructure is put into place . Longer term plans are to run a retreat center, campground, and education center . OR we wish to join forces with a presently forming community.

Visit our website to learn about our values, governance structure, who owns the land, workshare and ownership opportunities and more.

We maintain healthy boundaries with technology to deeply connect and engage with those closest to us and the immediate environment. Less screen time and more face time. Children grow up emotionally healthy and adults rewild themselves to a focus on the real aspects of life: relationships with family, friends,the community, the wider community, the earth, and our place in the universe. We support technology’s healthy use with wired internet for work and connection with the outside world.