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Florida Micro-Community seeking family with children. Additional opportunities for beginner farmers/permaculturists/land stewards!

by Rachael Love Cohen
Community with Opening Jobs + Opportunities

We are a family of 5 – Rachael, Yishai, Eden, Sella and Zac Cohen. We send you warm greetings from sunny Florida, and pray that all of you have been able to make the best out of the huge shifts that have been happening in our world and in our consciousness.

On our end, the state of affairs lit a fire under us to create the life we’ve been yearning for over the last 10 years — NOW! We recognized that we would need to put the creation of a full-fledged eco-village on the back burner in order to gradually realize our most important goals of increased self sufficiency and building a life in a healthy, low-toxin area.

We are purchasing a 5 acre property in Deleon Springs, Florida. The property is fenced and cleared with rolling pastures scattered with majestic oaks. There is a four stall horse barn, a soon-to-be chicken coop, and room for extensive organic farming and permaculture design. There is a saltwater pool. Most importantly, there is lots of open space and room for innovation. We’d like to share all of these with you. If you are someone that shares our values of intentional community, holistic lifestyle, and personal autonomy/freedoms, and you are looking for an opportunity to develop your land-based skills, we would love to connect with you and see if we could partner.

There is also a second home on the property  that we’d like to rent one out to a family with kids who shares our vision of intentional community.  The home for rent has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and is a little over 1,000 square feet. We would welcome you to share use of the property and its amenities, and are especially interested in a family with kids around the same ages as ours. To be very clear – we are not seeking a co-living arrangement, but a close neighborly friendship. The two homes are separated from each other by about two acres and afford maximum privacy.

Deleon Springs is about an hour north of Orlando, 30 minutes west of Daytona Beach, and completely surrounded by state forests, conservation areas, and wildlife management areas. It is the location of a gorgeous natural spring and state park, surrounded by multiple lakes and the St. John’s River, and there are two other state parks within 15 minutes driving. It is only a 12 minute drive into Deland, which is home to Stetson University, Florida’s oldest private college, as well as the the Museum of Art-Deland. Deland has a vibrant downtown filled with murals, antique stores, restaurants, sculptures and coffee shops. In 2017, DeLand and its Main Street were named as best downtown among 242 main streets in 48 states. The City of DeLand was also just recognized by the Florida Green Building Coalition as one of the greenest cities in the state.

We have a long-term goal of creating a retrofit intergenerational eco-community in the Deleon Springs area. The mission of Sweet Land Eco-Community is to rebuild a sense of shared humanity through cooperative living. Our vision is to form a collective of people who are consciously committed to creating a diverse, intergenerational eco-community, with the intention of social, economic and ecological sustainability. Our goals are a supportive social environment, a low impact way of life, walkability, active and deliberate social participation, health and wellness, mind-body care and consciousness, and strengthening of the individual, the family, and society. You can learn more about that initiative from this Powerpoint,…/1vf2r6FeHOLNCuK4Qt3GA-2Jl1z…/edit…

Please email or call us if you’d like to discuss this opportunity further!



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