Family seeking Community in Northwest

by The Farmers (Shaina Farmer)
Community Seekers
Northwest, North America

We are the Farmers!

Together we are Azriel (M37), Shaina (F36), Eliana (F15), Robby (M12) and our 4 legged friends , the dogs Callie , Zara , Moose and our cat Uzumaki (affectionately called Little Little).

We currently live full time in our self converted, off grid capable Skoolie.

We started our journey in New England , Rhode Island to be specific, where we ran a successful homestead/ farmstand. On our small 2 acre plot we were able to raise 100% of our meat and 60% of our own fresh food. We raised chickens, turkeys, goats and rabbits.

In our quest to be as self sufficient as possible, we decided to give away all we owned, sell our homestead and hit the road to find land and community where we could leave behind a much larger impact on the world and also minimize our footprint.

We have traveled most of the 50 states so far with only the northwest to go. We have met some beautiful souls and learned so much in our 2 years on the road, but our original goal was to settle down and start farming again.

As we move into the colder months here in North America we are feeling to call to settle even more.

While we explore the northwest we are looking to find like minded people who we can help grow with. Now some more about us:

– we are conscious eaters – meaning we try to eat as local as possible and if we are consuming from an animal, we want to know that animal lived a fulfilled life (no grocery store meat or dairy here)

– we believe in only coming together when we are at our best- meaning we all get the grace to decide each day how we are feeling and how we want to contribute to the world that day.

Schedules and time are only relevant when we say they are.

– we believe in non violent communication and focus on self healing, our emotions play an integral role in our experience and we choose to honor those emotions privately.

– we do not consume alcohol and do not tolerate violence of any kind. (Towards any beings – human and animal alike)

– we are all here to learn from one another and believe all humans to be equal, no matter age, gender, or financial abilities.

-we love to be outside – fires, farming, foraging to name a few of our favorite pastimes.

– we are self sufficient and believe we all have the tools within us to shape our way in the world and work together to create.


My motto is – “I am here to create a world so beautiful my brain can comprehend it yet” (Shaina)


We are looking to live within a community (established or starting) and contribute where we can. We know the importance of a work/life balance and are hoping to find other families who feel the same. We have limited needs as our bus is off grid capable and we have a composting toilet onboard – access to water is our only “need”.

We all have our own unique set of skills and between all of us we cover a lot a bases.

If you have space for us or have any questions please reach out via email ( ) or phone ( 401-952-9305)


Always Love (64)

Shaina Farmer


Or more about us we used to have a YouTube for our farm – link is below