Edible Landscape Permaculture Designer

by Tommy Teeple
Community Seekers



Looking to relocate into BIG NATURE with a team of like minded friends. Ponds, waterfalls, mountains, ocean, forests, fresh! Prefer northern climates for summer partial winter, then tropical sub tropical for most of winter. I love cold fresh air and ice skating, fireplaces and coziness of winter.

I have been living in & out of communes for most of my adult life. Now looking to live more in BIG NATURE focusing more on the property I live on rather then clients, but still designing installing for others.

I’m not looking for the “all in one” community but if that works, great.

See here for edible landscape by me. 25yrs


Here are my values and guidelines:

1. Clean air waves, free of EMF’s wi-fry Hard wired or no internet..

2. Fresh water, natural springs, wells

3. Fresh home grown food

4. Finances – grants, personal private donors to finance projects generously, keeping it all smooth.  Local Edible Landscape projects to help outside community (part time). Non ownership. Ideally living on a land trust.

5. Self employment

6. Self governed – natural law, studying now to be a national

7. Living on the land, ideally walking community

8. Home schooling

9. Living in community condensing energies like the Amish

10. Sharing skills, talents, comedy

11. Local entertainment

12. Goofiness, not to serious at all

13. Agreed conflict resolution – important in the bylaws

14. collective focus when it counts

15. Building growing laughing together men women children old young

16. Circadian rhythm -BIGGY for me

17. Healing perspective – Terrain approach, natural hygiene…germ theory a joke to me. If not to you then stay away! hehe…blame game.

18. Collective & self programming – careful of what we let in as multiple thoughts lead to beliefs. I have no TV 30yrs, & I am careful of internet that is worse then TV. I express affirmations daily and train my limbic system for positive direction/planning/designing.

19. Daily weekly monthly yearly calendar . A balance of work, laughter, fun, exercise, rest. sleep, rejuvenation. Taking space, months when needed, days if required, hang out days, play days etc…

20. Ice skating I love

The pix are all mine, designs. installs, and fun over the years

I currently live with my lovely partner here in Topanga, CA. We have community here, but we’re looking for more out in BIG NATURE!!! Me searching harder, now that we live in cancel culture.

Thank you for reaching out when you do.

I look forward to being best buds, friends, and true communitarians through all the ups amd downs!