Eco-Retreat in Pristine Costa Rica

by maryhostetter
Real Estate For Sale
Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Eco-retreat by Lake Arenal, Costa Rica available for a community to take ownership and steward. The land is on ley lines with old growth forest and Sabalo River running alongside. This is a 5 building, 1.5 acre campus including 9 bedrooms, 2 kitchen facilities, 2 dining areas, a yoga terrace, garage and sauna. It is nestled in a secluded property that is easy to access to local services and amenities. Yoga, wellness, healing, writing, cooking, dance, music, community events and Airbnb business have been going on since it was built by the owner in 2012.  The ecosystem is intact with species of trees, plants, birds, mammals, amphibians and insects.  The land holds healing properties and is ideal for a group who wants to do eco-conscious living, permaculture and join with the interconnected web of life in this peaceful place.

Please visit for all the details of the sale. Here is the owner’s business site: