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ECO Farm in Arizona Seeking Leadership Interns for 2020 Season

by Pam Rasch
Community with Opening
ECO Farm, 3080 Hwy 89A, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Want to become a leader in the ECO Movement!?

ECO Farm in Arizona is seeking Leadership Interns for 2020 Season.

Earth Citizen Organization, a non-profit global leader in the ecological sustainability movement, is looking for Leadership Interns for the 2020 farming season. You will learn organic market farming strategies that can be applied at the local community level, practice mind-body-spirit self-care, and leave ready to act as a leader in the ecological/sustainability movement spreading across the globe.

What is an Earth Citizen you ask?

An Earth Citizen is a mindful individual who connects with their true self and recognizes their value as a contributor to the Earth. Earth Citizens create goals and visions designed to benefit not only themselves, but humanity as a whole and then takes action to turn their visions into reality.

ECO’s mission is to cultivate 100 million Earth citizens, a globalized group transcending any ethnic or religious boundaries, united by the common understanding that each of us are caretakers of the Earth.

100 million Earth citizens would comprise 1% of Earth’s population who are introspective, harmonized, and lead holistically sustainable lives, forming a community that is a positive, indispensable asset to the Earth and society. These citizens could change planet and society’s trajectory and significance through the principle of critical mass where the group’s influence could spread and magnify.

How can I become an Earth Citizen?

Through experiential internships, ECO Farm and the Earth Citizen Organization prepares individuals to become leaders by providing the methods, environments, and tools to understand the natural world as it relates to food production and food justice, to create community through utilizing shared resources and conscious communication, and to serve their own communities as leaders in sustainable community building. This structured internship program includes daily mind-body practices including yoga, tai-chi, and meditation; daily work with the Earth through growing food, supportive plants and trees, and animals; participate in researching different methods of farming sustainability such as Korean Natural Farming, biodynamics, and permaculture; participate in leadership classes where communication and community building are explored, and practice talking with people about Earth Citizenship by attending local farmer’s markets, farm-to-table events, and community service projects.

Who is this Internship for?

This internship is for anyone committed to the concepts and ideas of Earth Citizenship, who see a path to healing the Earth through working with Nature, who desire to become leaders in the movement, and who can commit to the duration of the internship. The internship is available to a maximum of 7 interns who successfully complete an application/interview process.

What is the commitment?

The commitment is for 25 hours per week for 8-10 months and includes all aspects including morning yoga and meditation, farm work hours, classes and community meetings. Participants are permitted to engage in work and leisure off property during off hours. Your hours on property includes some weekends and evenings depending on a rotation and schedules and you are expected to make the internship your primary focus. A certificate of completion is awarded to those students who satisfactorily complete the internship. There are no tests or exams. There is a 2 week probationary period at which time, the intern must sign an agreement pertaining to expected norms of behavior and house rules. Upon successful completion, interns will continue to be supported when they return to their own communities through podcasts, online meetings, and fundraising support.

What is provided?

We provide co-housing, fresh produce from the gardens, and some food staples. The co-housing unit has a complete kitchen with washer and dryer, full bathrooms, and internet. Classes, workshops, and materials are provided. Cooking and cleaning responsibilities are shared and arranged using collaborative negotiation. Weekly community meetings, guided by the Program Director, are held using conscious communication methods.

What is not provided?

Transportation (except for farm related business), non basic food/drinks, meat, personal items/toiletries, laundry soap.

What is not permitted?

Alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, vape pens, pets, children, firearms, parties, overnight guests

How Can I Apply?

Complete the ECO Internship Program Application form at this link:

Please be detailed with your responses. If it seems this internship would be a good fit for you, we will send you the full application/agreement packet. After your application is received, we will schedule either an in person or skype interview. Start/End dates are somewhat flexible/negotiable.

Where is the ECO Farm?

The ECO Farm is in the heart of the Verde Valley in Cottonwood, Arizona about 17 miles south of Sedona with its eclectic culture and arts. The climate is high desert and the farm is near the Verde National Park and Red Rock State Park offering birdwatching, hiking and picnicking. National Heritage sites with guided tours can be found in the area. The Farm is bordered by the Verde River and is a great place to hike, swim, and float.