Eagles Song Farm and the Hearty Sprouts Project

by Charles Tetreaut
Forming Communities
Coquille, Oregon

Eagles Song farm is an 8.5 acre homestead located 6 miles northwest of the city of Coquille, Oregon. The land sits 2 miles from hwy. 42 and 2 miles from hwy. 101. The property has been developed as a functional homestead over the past 11 years, with the ultimate goal being a permaculture homestead and natural living education/impact center. The entire farm is southern exposed, mostly out of the maritime fog bank. Breaking on a small ridge east and west, the topography provides multiple microclimates. There is deep forest on the west, open sloping field on the east and lowland pasture. There is ~500ft of river frontage that provides access for fishing and a put in for small boats. Fortunately there is a freshwater year-round spring, a 160’ well for irrigation as well as river rights for irrigation. A 3.2k+ sq/ft house sits viewing the winter lake and the coquille estuarine zone. There is space in the house for a commercial kitchen and an open floor plan that lends itself well to community space. There are multiple outbuildings for workshops and storage. There is a total of 4 acres of farmable land including a ½ acre market garden that has been fenced, terraced and amended. An irrigation line provides water to crops and livestock. There are dairy goats and muskovy ducks that help work the land. We also have resident bald eagles that rear their young just across the river, hunt on the winter lake and perch in the tall fir trees at the farm.
The Hearty Sprouts Project is incorporated as a nonprofit with some specific objectives, meant to solidify a common vision and deep intention for interested community members, as well as investors or lenders to Eagles Song Farm.
FarmSchool Program- To exemplify individual connection to the land base and ultimately each other, we promote outdoor, child directed learning. This fosters an environment of cooperation, curiosity, and confidence for our youngest generations, so they can be empowered to have a deep connection with earth and all she provides. Inform children how their intentional and positive actions regarding our natural environment create a cascade of improvements to our watersheds, flora & fauna as well as their own lives and community at large.
Farm-to-School Program. To provide naturally grown, nutrient dense food to children at our local public schools. To implement farm & garden education, ecological and sustainability education to students and the public. Field trips to the farm throughout the growing season will enable students to learn about soil health and water conservation, to start seeds and learn about locally adapted cultivars. Also to plant out in the field and of course the reward of harvesting food they have grown. We hope to provide land base & resources to alleviate whole food scarcity issues in our schools and community.
Natural Building School- Empowering individuals who wish to create an ecofriendly, affordable natural structure to dwell in. Working with CobCottage.com and 7fires.org as well as our local building inspectors, a large goal is to model permittable, up to code framework from other states and countries. This would allow anyone with simply the materials in their environment and cooperative labor, to construct a dwelling that is safe, affordable, energy efficient, nontoxic, easily repairable, and most importantly designed with human comfort in mind. Alleviating our affordable housing and material crises is on the top of the list along with real food security.
Ecological and Sustainability Education- The farm is located on the lower Coquille river, which is the 3rd largest watershed in Oregon. There are numerous freshwater and anadromous fishes that make this river and vast estuarine zone their home, spawning and rearing grounds. We are now experiencing some of the lowest numbers of fish returning and spawning in known history, due to a plethora of detrimental ecological and human caused changes. Working with Native/Indigenous fish advocates & water protectors, the state Fish & Wildlife department as well as watershed conservationists, it is an essential priority to educate adults and children alike on our local ecology, sustainable ranching and forestry practices as well as addressing hindrances in the fishes success in spawning, rearing & open ocean survival.
In July 2021 I was informed that Eagles Song Farm would be sold on the open market within the coming months. I have until 10/01/2021 to allocate funding to purchase the land. I have been given the opportunity to acquire the deed for less than half of the market value of the property. I am seeking hard money loans or donations in total of $300K to purchase the land base. I am also seeking investors to participate in a land trust as well as community members!!! $150K would alleviate the current loan bearer of the debt. An additional $150K would repay what the current loan bearer has paid in principle, interest and taxes. The estimated value of this property in the current market is somewhere between $600K-$800K.
This is a call to all who believe in the power of a collective vison becoming a reality. This is an offer for individuals to come forward with financial assistance so that myself and others have a venue to dedicate their labor, resources, networks, knowledge, expertise and most importantly a space to co-create with deep passion, to build a new earth for our children. We can all take some responsibility in this time to make lasting changes that will affect generations to come. I feel we can no longer stand idly by and watch the earth and our children’s futures being exploited for a profit. We must take our power back by building true community, growing food and medicine, building efficient and ecofriendly dwellings and educating the public as to how their effort to improve local community and ecology will come back to benefit us all, individually and collectively.
Please share this information far and wide. I believe those who feel called to this work will be connected through our collective effort. FB&IG Chuck Tetreault