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Discovery House at Adawehi Wellness Village in NC

by Jackie Woods
Community with Opening
Columbus, NC

Have you ever wished you could step into a world where your known gifts were appreciated and your hidden gifts were brought to light? Well, Discovery House may be the answer for you.

Discovery House is one of several different houses in the Adawehi community. This community began 21 years ago with a handful of people who wished to live life more fully. It began with one building and has grown to include 12 more. So the support you will receive has been upgraded through the years and is now a more complete offering.

One of the first things we learned was a healthy lifestyle must include all four parts of your being:  body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  From that awareness, we began developing tools to support each of those parts. We started with what we believed to be the primary part of the four, which was the spirit part. The answer to that need was Spiritual Growth Classes. We found them essential to keep real in us in the forefront.

Next we started working on the emotion part of the healthy lifestyle paradigm. Personal journaling and house sharing were found to be good tools for keeping your emotional spaces clear and loving. Plus, meditating each morning as a house also supported one’s intent to replace upset feelings with loving feelings.

Focusing on the mental part of the healthy lifestyle paradigm made us aware of how supportive it is to have others around to make us face and expand our ridged pictures. From experience we found that having a housemate remind us of our intent to live a healthy lifestyle made giving up a singular picture much easier.

The physical part of the healthy lifestyle paradigm has been supported greatly by the beauty and serenity of the 125 acres that we call home. In caring for both the land and the physical activities on the land, we have learned the joy of giving. This giving includes participation that expresses physical strength and endurance. Because we receive so much support here in our intent to be healthy in body, mind, emotions, and spirit, we welcome the opportunity to physically express all we have become.

As you grow and birth new parts of yourself, it is necessary to let go of some of the old ways of responding to life. To support this step forward we have fully furnished the Discovery House. All you have to do is bring a strong intent to allow all four parts of yourself to step into health.

For more information, please fill out our contact form or for some personal phone time, give us a call at (828) 894-0124 ext. 1

We would love to meet you so please come visit. Learn more about us at Adawehi.com.

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