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Discovery House at Adawehi Wellness Village in NC

by Jackie Woods
Community with Opening
Columbus, NC

Are you passionate about spiritual growth and a deeper spiritual connection? Are you searching for a place to bring your gifts in ways that make a difference? Well, Adawehi may be the answer for you.

The Adawehi community, located in the pastoral foothills of Western North Carolina, has been helping people reach their full spiritual potential for 22 years.  It was established by a group of people who wanted to make their light more effective on the planet by joining together. To support them in reaching that goal, they set in place the following structures:

  • group meditations
  • spiritual growth classes
  • group projects
  • land care
  • house meetings
  • community events
  • community houses

In order to fully step into this new adventure, you will need to leave behind the old. That means furniture, pets, and patterns that limit you from moving forward.  However, you will need to bring with you your current job or job skills to generate an income. Oh, and don’t forget to bring an open heart.

Check us out at, and, or give us a call at (828-894-5260).  You will be directed to someone who can send you a questionnaire and begin a conversation.