Cozy Country Cabins at Swan Center in Summertown TN

by Kathleen
Housing For Rent + Shared
Summertown, TN (middle southern TN)

We, Tomas and Kathleen, co-founders of The Farm Community in Summertown TN in 1971, spent decades living communally and collectively, and decades expanding our definition of community. Now we are involved with people and projects in 2 local counties.  Two miles from The Farm, near Amish and spectacular parks, we created our own 11 acre place of harmony and beauty with 3 furnished cabins to rent to like-hearted folks. It’s a retreat and healing center, with extensive gardens, 2 ponds, forest, meadows, medicinal plants. We are happy to share meals, walks, conversations, our extensive library, garden tasks and produce with guests who are here for long or short term stays. Listed on Airbnb in Summertown, TN, we are also open to direct rentals to sober, kind people who fit with our energy. See for more info, contact info and photos, and links to Airbnb where you can read guest reviews.